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Your Trusted Partner in Lymphatic Wellness!

85 minute lymphatic drainage massage

85 minute lymphatic massage $180.00

Recommended for those wanting a deeply relaxing lymphatic massage and a full body detoxification. Also recommended for those with lower body swelling as this can take additional time to address.

55 minute manual lymphatic drainage massage

55 minute lymphatic massage 


Recommended for post surgical lymphatic massages as well as for our cancer survivors wanting assistance with lymphedema management.

25 minute lymphatic massage 


Recommended for clients who have a specific area of concern, or for head and neck treatments. 

85 minute Lymphedema treatment


  • Lymphedema education on disease prevention and management

  • Lymphedema screening pre/post cancer treatment

  • Complete Decongestive Therapy for lymphedema reduction and disease management

Physical Therapy Lymphedema
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Your Trusted Partner in Lymphatic Wellness!

At Pink Ribbon Lymphatic Massage, we take pride in being certified lymphedema therapists, dedicated to providing exceptional care to our valued patients.  

Tailored Recovery for Cancer Patients:

We offer high-quality, cash-pay complete decongestive therapy to lymphedema patients, ensuring that you receive the utmost level of care. Our certified lymphedema therapists possess the necessary knowledge and skills to deliver effective treatments that promote lymphatic health and overall well-being.

Unparalleled Expertise:

After completing your clinical treatment for lymphedema with, Pink Ribbon or with another lymphedema clinic, our specialized lymphatic massage services will support your maintenance journey. With a deep understanding of the unique needs of cancer survivors, we provide gentle and soothing techniques that aid in reducing swelling, restoring balance, and enhancing your overall quality of life.

Enhanced Post-Surgery Care:

Whether you have undergone liposuction, cosmetic, or elective surgeries, our specialized lymphatic massage can greatly contribute to your recovery process. By applying targeted techniques, we facilitate proper drainage, reduce inflammation, and promote faster healing, allowing you to regain your confidence and well-being in a shorter time frame.

Holistic Wellness and Detoxification:

For individuals seeking full body detoxification and rejuvenation, our lymphatic massage services offer a revitalizing experience. We understand the importance of maintaining a healthy lymphatic system for overall wellness, and our skilled therapists are here to assist you in achieving optimal detoxification and improved vitality. 

What truly sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to excellence.

As certified therapists, we actively participate in the most up-to-date trainings in lymphatic care, ensuring that we stay at the forefront of advancements in the field. This dedication allows us to deliver the best care possible, with the added advantage of providing education and self-care instructions to empower you in your journey to better health.

Unlike some of our competitors who may advertise lesser certifications or lack proper training, we prioritize your safety and optimal outcomes. With Pink Ribbon Lymphatic Massage, you can have peace of mind, knowing that you are receiving care from qualified professionals who adhere to correct techniques and protocols. 

HIVAMAT deep tissue oscillation
deep tissue oscillation, lymphatic massage

H​IVA​MAT  Lymphatic Massage

When it comes to post-cosmetic surgery recovery, or manual lymphatic drainage for lymphedema, HIVAMAT lymphatic massage stands out as the superior choice.  Through it's deep oscillation technology, this innovative therapy accelerates healing, reduces swelling, enhances pain relief, and improves scar healing and aesthetics.  With its customizable and tailored approach, HIVAMAT lymphatic massage offers patients a more efficient and comfortable recovery journey.

Our Vibroacoustic Sound Experience can be enjoyed as a stand alone session or combined with lymphatic massage to enhance the overall therapeutic effects.

  • Stress Reduction, the gentle vibrations help to calm the nervous system and reduce stress and anxiety.

  • Pain relief, The vibrations can help alleviate physical pain and muscle tension.

  • Improved sleep, The relaxing effect of vibroacoustic therapy can promote better sleep and relaxation.

  • Enhance mood and well-being, the combination of sound and vibration can boost mood and overall well-being.

Now Available!

Lymphedema Therapy

Head and Neck Lymphedema

Lymphedema physical therapy

Truncal Edema

Physical therapy lymphedema

Breast Cancer Related Lymphedema

  • Lymphedema is reversible in it's initial stages 

Once it reaches stage II, lifelong maintenance becomes necessary.

  • Early detection

Symptoms of heaviness, water retention, fatigue, and tightness can precede visible swelling.  

  • Pink Ribbon Lymphedema Care

  1. Stage 0 interventions

  2. Lymphedema screening pre/post-cancer treatment

  3. Long term lymphedema maintenance

  4. Initiate lymphedema care while awaiting clinic appointment.  

Complex Decongestive Therapy (CDT) is the gold standard lymphedema treatment performed by a certified lymphedema therapist (CLT) in two stages.

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