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  • Post Surgical Swelling

  • Lymphedema

  • Post COVID Syndrome 



Lymphedema management can be overwhelming, confusing and time consuming!  Ongoing care and support from Pink Ribbon Lymphatic Massage can add vitality, resilience and educational support as you settle into your new routine.  Or, maybe you have the daily activities down and you just want to relax and know that your massage therapist has the highest level of certification possible and will provide you with gold star care.  I am here to help you at whatever stage you are in on your lymphedema journey.

I will always encourage you to return to your physical or occupational therapist if your swelling warrants clinical treatment.  It's good to have an extra set of eyes to identify swelling before it becomes more advanced.  Clients typically schedule monthly or bimonthly appointments

Post Surgical Swelling

Lymphatic massage can assist your body to decrease swelling.  With surgical trauma, your body can often be overwhelmed by swelling.   Manual lymphatic drainage helps the body process and eliminate extra swelling.  Lymphatic massage will decrease pain, scar tissue and hardening of tissues.  Your surgeon will advise you of the massage frequency you need to schedule. Schedule here.

Post COVID Syndrome 

I was one of the first providers to begin working with COVID-19 patients in the hospital and ICU.  Nope, it's not a flue, it is real and it can have long lasting effects that are currently not well understood. 

Leading-edge Lymphatic Therapists across the Globe are now using Neuro lymphatic massage to help rid the body of inflammatory cytokines and other metabolic waste in the body brought on by this illness.  Manual Lymphatic Drainage, if done by a trained professional, can gently assist the lymphatic system of the brain and central nervous system to work at its highest capacity, ridding the body of inflammatory materials that may be affecting both energy and mood.

COVID long-haulers (AKA Post COVID Syndrome) are encouraged to schedule weekly.