About Pink Ribbon Lymphatic Massage

Wellness and Compassion at Our Core

Explore the heart of Pink Ribbon Lymphatic Massage, where we blend expert care with the warmth of a community dedicated to health and well-being.

Why We Do What We do

The Heart Of Pink Ribbon Is You

At the core of Pink Ribbon Lymphatic Massage lies a relentless drive: to ease, to heal, to uplift. Each stroke and technique is imbued with the understanding that behind every therapy, there's a person seeking solace, a soul aspiring wellness. Our motivation is mirrored in the relief and smiles of those we serve—fueling a commitment to excel in the art of lymphatic healing. It's this personal touch, woven with professional expertise, that forms the essence of our work, making every success story not just ours, but yours too.

Our Story

Helping People Heal Since 2022

Born from a profound purpose, Pink Ribbon Lymphatic Massage began as a beacon for those navigating the complexities of lymphatic ailments. Our story unfolds through every life touched and each healing journey joined. We've become storytellers of resilience, etching chapters of recovery and hope into the lives we touch. It's a narrative rich with collaboration, innovation, and unwavering dedication to the well-being of our community.

The Pillars of Pink Ribbon


Tenderly tuning into each client's needs.


Upholding elite standards in lymphatic therapy.


Broadening our capabilities to touch more lives.


Empowering clients with insights for self-care.


Pioneering new paths in lymphatic health solutions.


Fostering a network where support thrives.


Deborah Kellogg

With over two decades in medical massage therapy, Deborah Kellogg, is a renowned Certified Lymphedema Therapist and a pioneer in oncology lymphatic massage. Her dedication to creating specialized care programs for cancer survivors led her to establish Pink Ribbon Lymphatic Massage, a center of excellence in lymphatic therapy.

Story Behind Us

We come from humble beginnings. Learn more about our journey and how we became the largest installer.

Pink Ribbon Launched!

Our journey began in 2022, opening doors to personalized lymphatic care and beginning a mission to heal and comfort.

Massive Growth!

Within our inaugural year, we witnessed a heartening surge in those we served, a testament to the trust and efficacy inherent in our care.

Launch of Our 2nd Office!

In 2023, we extended our compassionate care with a second office, doubling our ability to foster healing in more communities.

Raised Series for $200M

The year 2024 marked the opening of our third location, a new chapter of growth, bringing our hands-on healing to an even wider audience.

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