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We are the exclusive provider for Dr. John J Corey  Scottsdale, AZ

Pink Ribbon Lymphatic Massage


We work with the medical community to bring you quality care.  Read what they have to say about Pink Ribbon Lymphatic Massage, LLC

Keri Winchester, M.S., CCC-SLP 

Head and Neck Cancer Speech Pathologist

“Choosing to work with Deborah means that you are choosing a kind, caring and gifted professional. She will approach your needs individually using her expertise and experience to support your health journey.”


Oncology Specialist

Head and Neck Specialist

“When she worked as an oncology massage therapist at Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center, she always knew when to inform the doctors and the lymphedema therapists when attention was required. Deborah was the bridge to help our cancer center to provide outstanding continuous care. A massage therapist without a medical background would not have her keen sense.

So, what are Deborah’s secrets in her amazing massage service? They are the package of her well-rounded background, high-level training, and the most important core- her compassion and love.”

Evelyn LeBron-Cooper, MBA, OTR-L, CLT

Oncology Specialist

“Deborah provides a unique and gentle approach to her treatments as a Certified Lymphedema Therapist. She is insightful, thoughtful and compassionate. Her sweet gentle manner and professionalism make her the perfect choice in providing comfort.”

Constance Ward


“Evelyn has described Deborah perfectly. I was Deborah’s client for a year and a half. Her Lymphatic Massage Therapy provided a stress-free environment and time to heal. I consider it essential to my cancer/lymphatic treatment.”

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