VIP in-home lymphatic massage

60 minutes: $155.00+

Purchase our VIP lymphatic massage and we will come to you!

Our therapist will come to your home and provide safe and effective therapy post surgery until you are able to safely drive yourself to our office.  Or complete your treatments at home, it's up to you and what makes recovery easiest.  

All VIP appointment request, must be made by calling or texting 317-503-3945 

appointment pricing starts at $155 per hour if 10 miles or less from our clinic located at 75th Ave and Greenway. 

A $2.00 per mile charge will be added to the base price for services more than 10 miles from our location.



Manual Lymphatic Drainage (Lymphatic Massage)

30 minutes: $70.00
60 minutes: $130.00
90 minutes: $165.00
VIP in home 60 minutes: $155+

CLT-LANA Certification... signifies leadership, commitment, and expertise to patients, medical providers and employers in the field of lymphatic care.

Cosmetic Surgery recovery/Manual Lymphatic Drainage (Lymphatic Massage)

Your therapist is able to provide effective and safe Manual Lymphatic Drainage to clients after elective surgery or Cancer.   

Clients are often surprised at the light touch and the lack of oils used during this massage.  As your tissues are healing and your body is swollen, a gentle approach is much more powerful and effective in reducing pain and decreasing swelling. 

As your healing progresses gentle MediCupping can be used to provide greater seperation of tissues using negative pressure to lift and seperate hard areas of inflamation and fibrosis. 

It is by gently moving the skin that the lymphatics can be routed to areas of less congestion and promote a faster healing time.  Deeper pressures only add to the inflammation giving your body more to process, at a time when is is already overwhelmed.

K tape application included in price

5’ minutes: $0.00

K-tape may be applied first in certain acute injuries that have swelling and bruising from trauma. The k-tape will help decrease inflammation and get rid of some of the swelling by aiding the lymphatic system.