Self Lymphatic Massage

By following this home program you can improve your results and healing time.  

This massage can be performed as many times as you would like throughout the day.

If your skin is red from your massage you are using too much pressure. 

Red = extra blood flow which = more potential to swell!  

  • 🎀 Start here...

With deep diaphragmatic breathing. 

This will "rev the engine" of your lymphatic system.  The diaphragm is perforated by the largest lymphatic vessel and by moving the diaphragm you stimulate the whole system.

As you breath in your stomach should rise and your chest should remain still.  

As you exhale your stomach falls.  Exhale slowly and completely.

Repeat 10x  You can be standing or laying down, it does not make a difference in the effectiveness of this activity.

  • 🎀 Next...   Gently stretch the skin just above your collar bone, little light skin stretches pulling in toward your midline. 
Self MLD


 Stretch the skin, then let it gently release so that your skin moves back to it's starting position...

  • repeat 3-5x on both sides of your neck.


  • 🎀 Lastly... It's time to move the swelling out toward your sides, starting at the midline and moving toward an imaginary line that goes from your armpit to the front of your hip.  This is where your lymphatic system can route your swelling either up to your armpit or down to your groin.  

🎀 Once your have performed gentle skin stretches/release outward to your sides you can then gently move your skin either down toward your hip or up toward your armpit.

Remember, incisions and scars can be a barrier for your lymphatic system so you may also benefit from gently massaging (skin stretching) your swelling around any scars or incisions.  


Healing takes time, your lymphatic system is recovering and needs to reroute and build new connections.  





It is not advised to try and massage fluid out of your former drain sites.  This will slow healing of your wounds, invite infection into your body and will not create better outcomes for your surgery.  You will be further traumatizing your tissues and creating more scar tissue.