MediCupping Therapy

 MediCupping has special applications for pre- and post-surgery conditions  Lymphatic issues, Fibromyalgia and Lipedema.  



MediCupping uses negative pressure to pull inflammation and toxins from the body tissue while increasing uptake of the lymphatic system.  By drawing excess swelling into the lymphatic system for elimination by bowel and urine, your body heals faster and with less accumulation of fibrosis.

This type of cupping is administered gently with the cup moving, vs other cupping treatment methods which can also include placing a cup in one area for a prolonged period of time.  Since the cup is moving clients don't typically display any "red dots" as is often associated with cupping used in Traditional Chinese Medicine.


As a  certified MediCupping therapist, I utilize cups attached by a tube to a machine which creates mild, regulated suction on the body surface.

MediCupping should not be painful, but rather induce relaxation and bring increased comfort from painful swelling.