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HIVAMAT Practice In Mesa AZ

Deep Oscillation

Deep Oscillation is a unique, patented, proven, non-invasive, athermal therapy method that creates biological oscillations using electrostatic attraction and friction. This generates a gentle kneading effect deep within the damaged tissue. Clinically proven to reduce secondary lymphedema, improve lymphatic circulation, activate connective tissue, relieve pain, relax muscles, and promote mobility.

Makes Our Hands More Powerful To Effectively Move Fluid

Deep oscillation therapy supports, intensifies, and improves the effects and lastingness of other therapeutic methods and manual techniques such as manual lymphatic drainage, classic massage, anti-edemic therapy and vibrational massage.

Electrostatic Compressive Force Attracts And Drops Tissue Up To 250x Per Second​

Pulsing electrostatic field creates a resonant vibration up to 8 cm throughout the entire depth of the tissue – skin, connective tissue, interstitial area, subcutaneous fat, muscles, blood and lymph vessels.

90,000 HivamatTM Deep Oscillation Treatments Performed Daily World Wide

The Authentic HIVAMAT Deep Oscillation by Physiomed ​is recommended by the Vodder School for Manual Lymph Drainage.

We use a gloved hand to perform lymphatic massage .  The deep tissue oscillation makes our massage more effective at decreasing swelling and fibrosis.  It is also very pain relieving. 

HIVAMAT Deep Oscillation Treatment In Mesa AZ
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