Compression garments, wraps and aides

Product lines for you to research and choose from...


Thuasne   Advantage:  Reported to provide excellent results.

Sigvaris    Advantage:  Larger product line

Tribute Wrap  Advantage:  Larger product line.  This site also offers videos of ways to make donning and doffing easier.



If it's hard to wear you won't use it! 

Recommendations from Lymphedema Therapists in the Phoenix area.

Donning (on) and Doffing (off) aides:   

Donning gloves

A simple pair of garden gloves with sticky hand surface will also work well.


Donning Aides:  

Lower Extremity

Garment applicator  If you have difficulty bending down you will need to purchase the donning straps as well.

How to video for the Garment applicator

Open Toe Compression Sock Aid for Easy Slide - Slip Stocking Applicator to Help Assist Put On for Elderly, Disabled, Pregnant, 1 Pair

Doffing Aides:

Medi Butler

Medi 2 in 1 video

Juzo Easy Pad  This product, combined with the Medi Butler , comes most recommended by collaborating therapists.

Juzo Easy Pad instruction video

Lower compression liners/socks (Because something is better than nothing!)

Sigvaris Transition Liners

Copper Fit Compression socks from COSTCO

CzSalus Summer time Lipedema, Lymphedema Support Slimming Lighter Weight Medium Compression Flat Knit Leggings

Shoes for swollen feet

Healthy feet store