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The Brennan School of Innovative Lymphatic Studies

The B​rennan School of Innovative Lymphatic Studies

The Brennan School of Innovative Lymphatic Studies, Andrea Brennan
Course Instructor
Andrea Brennan, OTD, OTR/L, CLT-LANA, CI-CS, WCC

Post Professional Doctor of Occupational Therapy

Certified Instructor Casley -Smith Treatment Method

Certified Lymphedema Therapist

Wound Care Certified

Spearheading Evidence-Based Training

Continuing Competence in Chronic Edema and Lymphedema Management 

for Certified Lymphedema Therapists

The course provides the certified lymphedema therapist, with an opportunity to extend the skills and knowledge of the managing chronic edema and lymphedema patients in the context of the most contemporary evidence and themes. The course will facilitate the application of advanced skills in more complex situations and in the context of delivering and managing a service. It will facilitate further development of skills in analyzing and synthesizing clinical findings and evidence for decision-making at an advanced level.



1. Opportunity to further develop the theory and practice of advanced skills in the management of chronic edema and lymphedema including Casley-Smith technique of manual lymphatic drainage applying knowledge of contemporary issues and latest evidence to clinical decision making

2. Understand the complex issues associated with lymphedema management, such as differential diagnoses, quality of life, and challenges to maintaining stable volumes.

3. Understand the current status of investigation and treatment, as well as the upcoming steps in surgical interventions and research progress.


Exact Subjects Covered

Anatomy of the Lymphatic System

Microcirculation and Physiology

Lymphedema and Contraindications for DLT

Complications of Lymphedema

Components of Decongestive Lymphatic Therapy and latest evidence in practice

DLT Treatment Sequences

Compression Therapy



1. Understanding of the current anatomical and physiological concepts underlying lymphedema management.

2. Perform Casley-Smith method of manual lymph drainage (MLD)

3. Perform decongestive lymphatic therapy patient activities (AKA) exercises to facilitate lymphatic drainage

4. Enhance practitioner’s knowledge of the scientific principles of compression

5. To recognize the current level of evidence on effects of decongestive lymphatic therapy for the chronic edema and lymphedema patient

6. To familiarize the importance of patient related outcome measures for the chronic edema and lymphedema patient

October 13 - 15, 2023

Mesa, AZ 

Continuing Education Classes
Head and Neck Lymphedema: Treatment Strategies Casley-Smith International Approach 
( 2 Day Course)​

The course aims to present a multidisciplinary approach towards the management of patients with head and neck cancer and the sequelae of surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy



The content will include a review of lymphatic anatomy and physiology, as well as MLD techniques relevant to the head and neck. 


Emphasis of the course will be on the performance of techniques required for management of the patient with head and neck lymphedema and radiation fibrosis. 

It will be presented in a fashion that will accommodate the

learning needs of speech and language pathologists.



1. Explain the basic anatomy and physiology of the head and neck lymphatic and venous systems and identify the relevant structures involved in lymphatic drainage.

2. Identify the most common forms of head and neck cancer, their treatments and side effects, and their functional impact on communication and swallowing.

3. List the various causes of edema in the head and neck and their appropriate treatments.

4. Describe the effects of head and neck lymphedema on communication, swallowing, and psychosocial processes.

5. Demonstrate basic proficiency in assessment and development of a basic treatment plan for a patient with head and neck edema.

6. Demonstrate proficiency in basic techniques to reduce edema of the head and neck in order to improve communication and swallowing.


coming soon.

Casley-Smith International 

135-hour Certification Course:

Chronic Edema and Lymphedema

The Casley-Smith method is one of the four internationally recognized techniques. This engaging course teaches skills and knowledge necessary to safely and effectively treat patients with chronic edema and lymphedema using Decongestive Lymphatic Therapy (manual lymph drainage (MLD), compression bandaging, skin care, decongestive therapy exercises and self-care management). At the conclusion of the course, you will be certified as a Casley-Smith Lymphedema Therapist (CSCLT) and can immediately start working with patients (within the auspices of their professional license). Even if you are certified by another program, why not learn another way to offer the current practice to your patients ( If you have never been certified, this course offers training in a treatment technique which can be applied to all diagnoses.



The course tuition is $3000. A course can accommodate 8 to16 students.



Included in the course fee:

  • Bandaging supplies

  • Extensive course notes, patient handouts and forms on USB drive

  • Programmed calculator and Excel spreadsheet for volume and other calculations

  • Lymphatic System posters

  • EBook: Modern Treatment for Lymphoedema by Judith R. Casley-Smith and J.R. Casley-Smith

  • Follow up consultations and mentoring by phone, email and/or Facebook private class page


coming soon.

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