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How to know if your therapist is certified and why it ​matters.

Lymphology Association of North America certified

Can you answer this question?

What credentials are used by a certified lymphatic therapist?

a.) LMT

b.) No credentials are on the website but it states "lymphatic massage"

c.) CLT


                                Answer:  C

a.) LMT is a licensed massage therapist with no specialized training in lymphatic massage.


b.) NO credentials posted... If you earned the certification, wouldn't you be advertising it?  This is most often an esthetician.  Currently there is no certification courses available to estheticians in Arizona beyond lymphatic massage of the face and neck.


c.)  Certified Lymphedema Therapist trained in complete decongestive training. CLT-LA​NA is currently the highest level of credentialling available for a lymphedema therapist in the United States.

This is a 135-hour course and trains providers to work with diseased and injured lymphatic systems.  CLT training and complete decongestive therapy (CDT) is the worldwide gold standard in lymphatic care.

CDT training

d.) CMLDT, trained 40 hours in manual lymphatic drainage for uncomplicated and generally healthy lymphatic systems.

Massage pricing rarely reflects the level of training, make sure you spend your money wisely and verify the level of education and training your therapist has completed.

More importantly, keep your body safe by using a CLT if you have an impaired lymphatic system.

- Pink Ribbon Lymphatic Massage offers only CLT therapists

- Over 50 years of combined experience. 

- After Cancer

- After Surgery

- For Wellness

Competitive pricing, exceptional care

Do you know of someone looking for a lymphatic massage?  Please forward this information so we can help others understand what they are purchasing.

(even if it's not with Pink Ribbon).

Take care,

Deborah Kellogg, PTA, LMT, CLT-LANA

Pink Ribbon Lymphatic Massage, LLC

What you need to know!  

Our Latest Blog Entry

June 6th, 2022

The Incredible Lymphatic System!

The lymphatic system has been under-appreciated in modern medicine, but it's starting to get the recognition it deserves...

You buzz with chemical reactions in your body. These brilliant and amazing chemical exchanges are likened to the spark plugs in your car engine --giving your body the energy and "spark" needed to perform cellular functions (which is everything!!)

Like your car engine, these sparks create waste products and these molecular "engine parts" wear out and break down, Your cells regenerate and old cellular waste sits in the body waiting to be removed. You can thank your lymphatic system for performing this waste removal job, and performing it well!

But not only does the lymphatic system remove waste from the body, it also keeps a constant watch for intruders that may pose a health threat to the body.

Cellular waste is absorbed by the lymphatic system and transported through vessels heading toward groups of lymph nodes and eventually back into the blood stream.

The lymph nodes are like turn-styles in the entrance of a sporting event. The lymph movement is narrowed and slowed so that your body's immune cells can look for unwanted invaders and rally an immune response if needed.

The lymphatic system moves waste like a garbage barge on a river route. Transporting waste using the flow of lymphatic fluid to first pass through the lymph nodes and then on to the blood stream where waste is then filtered out through the liver and kidneys. If the river passage lacks enough water then the flow and effectiveness of this transport system declines. If the river passageway is blocked then the flow backs up and waste is accumulated. Waste buildup breeds bacteria and affects tissue health. (and slows down the systems ability to perform it's job!)

If the demand on the lymphatic system is too great, the body and the lymphatic system may begin to suffer and the progression, or even creation, of a diseased state may present in the body.

But this system is resilient and it is magnificent in its ability to rally to the task at hand. We can make it easier, or harder, for our lymphatic system by how we live.

Let's help our lymphatic system keep us healthy. Help it to clean our cellular debris, fight foregn invaders and adapt as needed to fluctuating workloads. (We can do this!)

Here are some simple ways to help your lymphatic system work better...

1. Breathe deeply, not from your chest but from your belly. Diaphragmatic breathing is a powerful (and simple) way to propel lymph through your lymphatic system. Try looking up a video online and practice daily.

2. Drink water!! It is a fluid system, if you are dehydrated it will make "the river" shrivel and thus make transport more complicated.

3. Move...muscle pumps move lymph throughout your body. the beating of your heart moves lymph by the pulsing of your arteries (increased heart rate = more lymphatic movement!!). Your body is designed to move and improved lymphatic health is one of the many benefits.


Try a lymphatic massage... of course!

We know just how to get that lymph moving and help you reclaim your energy and glow!

We hope to see you soon!

Deborah Kellogg, PTA, LMT, CLT-LANA

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