Benefits of Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Gold Standard Lymphatic Care

CLT-LANA Certification... signifies leadership, commitment, and expertise to patients, medical providers and employers in the field of lymphatic care.

After Surgery: 

  • Liposuction
  • Tummy tuck
  • arm, thigh and Brazillian butt lifts.

When you have surgery there is surgical trauma that occurs and this includes damage to the lymphatic system.  It takes time for your lymphatic vessels to heal and provide new connections.  Manual Lymphatic Drainage helps decongest swollen and painful areas and can be performed by a certified lymphatic therapist.  By decreasing the swelling in your tissues your risks of infection are lowered and you are generally more comfortable and have better surgical outcomes.

Decreased swelling = improved healing time, better results and decreased risk of infection.

Lymphedema / Breast Cancer Benefits:

Manual lymphatic drainage is one of the three pillars in complete decongestive therapy.  While you likely have been educated on how to perform your own "self-massage" having weekly or biweekly sessions from a certified lymphatic therapist allows you to better maintain your current size.  

Lipedema Benefits:

Lipedema can be painful, adding Manual Lymphatic Drainage to your routine can help to minimize the pain of swelling.

Lipedema can be treated with specialized water assisted liposuction.  Lymphatic Massage will be an important part of your recovery. 

Chronic Venous Insuficiency:

This is often an inherited condition, and is progressive without treatment from a vein and vascular surgeon.  Even with surgical intervention, you may be faced with swollen and painful legs.  CVI can progress to lymphedema as the lymphatic system becomes overwhelmed by the chronic swelling and the increased workload placed on the lymphatic system.  Manual Lymphatic Drainage assists the lymphatic system in keeping up with this increased work load.  

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