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Lymphatic Massage After Cosmetic Surgery In Mesa AZ

Save time and money!


As Certified Lymphedema Therapists we are able to help you heal faster and with less expense and discomfort.


We strive to save you time and money because cosmetic surgery is already a large expense....and we respect that!


Our team of certified lymphedema therapists will not book you for a 90 minute full body lymphatic massage to address a cosmetic surgery, although some exceptions apply.


Our Training allows us to customize your care specifically for the best results without needing to book you for a full body session.  We know the lymphatic system better than any other provider and take you on a much more direct path of healing and feeling better.

  • Seek out a CLT -Certified Lymphedema Therapist with 135 hours of training specific to the lymphatic system.

Things to know...

  • If there are no credentials on the website, ask yourself why???

  • LMT, is a massage therapist without certification

  • CMLDT is a massage therapist with 24 hours of training on a healthy lymphatic system

  • Seeing an esthetician?  Currently there are no certification courses available to an esthetician for lymphatic drainage beyond the face. 

  • No certification but a proprietary method?    We use the gold standard method used world wide for over 50 years for repeatable and reliable results. 

  • All studies that measure the effectiveness of lymphatic massage are performed using the same techniques that we are proficient in, and trained to perform.  

lymphatic massage

Pink Ribbon After Cancer 

As safe place to heal

Manual lymphatic drainage is one of the main pillars in complete decongestive therapy. While you might know how to do “self-massage,” having weekly or biweekly sessions with a certified lymphatic therapist lets you better maintain your current size and improves tissue health and personal comfort.


Lipedema-Related Benefits

Lipedema can cause pain, but adding ma​nual lymphatic drainage to your routine can minimize the pain of swelling and help to decrease the build up of fibrous fatty tissue.

Lipedema can be treated with specialized water-assisted liposuction. Because of this, lymphatic massage will be an integral part of your recovery.

lymphatic massage


Chronic Venous Insufficiency

Chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) is often an inherited condition that’s progressive without treatment from a vein and vascular surgeon. However, you may still be faced with swollen and painful legs even with surgical intervention.

If the lymphatic system becomes overwhelmed by chronic swelling and increased workload, CVI can progress to lymphedema. You can manage this risk with manual lymphatic drainage. 

It helps maintain the health of your legs and lymphatic system.

Chronic Venous Insufficiency In Mesa AZ
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