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Gold Standard Lymphatic Care

Deborah Kellogg, PTA, LMT, CLT-LANA                                                                  

Certified by the Lymphoma Association of North America (Vodder Technique)


  • 17 years as a medical massage therapist.
  • Physical Therapist Assistant, Banner Health
  • Physical Therapist Assistant, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Gilbert, AZ

My story:

Cosmetic Surgery recovery/Manual Lymphatic Drainage (Lymphatic Massage)

I am able to provide effective and safe Manual Lymphatic Drainage to clients after elective surgery.   

Clients are often surprised at the light touch and the lack of oils used during this massage.  As your tissues are healing and your body is swollen, a gentle approach is much more powerful and effective in reducing pain and decreasing swelling. 

As your healing progresses gentle MediCupping can be used to provide greater seperation of tissues using negative pressure to lift and seperate hard areas of inflamation and fibrosis. 

It is by gently moving the skin that the lymphatics can be routed to areas of less congestion and promote a faster healing time.  Deeper pressures only add to the inflammation giving your body more to process, at a time when is is already overwhelmed.



While working with cancer patients, I became aware that many felt "alone" in their new, lifelong maintenance programs.   Often patients requested to come back to clinic after discharge for the "massage" used by therapists to reduce swelling. 

I have worked closely with other Rehab and Lymphatic Therapists, Oncologists and Integrated Therapies to create a specialized massage for cancer survivors affected by lymphatic damage. 

Through this collaboration, a specialized Oncology Lymphatic Massage program was created and offered to MD Anderson patients in Gilbert, AZ.  After relocating I now offer this service in the West Valley. 

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Gold Star Lymphatic Care

CLT-LANA Certification... signifies leadership, commitment, and expertise to patients, medical providers and employers in the field of lymphatic care.

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American Physical Therapy Association 

Acute Care Physical Therapy Section

Oncology Rehab Physical Therapy Section

American Massage Therapy Association